About us



Lahé Looms (Lahé = Slow in Assamese) is a celebration of the slow and sustainable way of life in Assam, of her wealth of natural resources and biodiversity, all of which have expressed themselves through the handwoven and handcrafted artistry of her peoples.

Lahé Looms offers a repertoire of dupattas, sarees, mekhela sadors, stoles, shawls, handwoven in the four silks of Assam and recreated with Assamese sensibilities.
Lahelooms weaves its own yardages for all the garments and home.


Each of the Lahe Looms products are dyed using natural colors, dyes or colorants derived from natural sources. Natural substances are soothing materials for the makers as well as the users of the product.

The dyeing of the yarn is an intensive process practised in house, where a variety of natural dyes like Indigo, Manjistha (Indian Madder), Myrobalan or Harad, Sappon wood, Pomegranate skin, Onion peels, Turmeric, Lac extract, betel nut and Iron powder are used.

-We have a 95% customer retention recoord
-We have a production capacity of 100 silk sarees/ 300 stoles in a month.
-Product customisation and design intervention as per client's requirement is our forte



Jahnabi Phookan's foray into the handloom sector began in 2008 when as founder Vice Chairperson of Ficci FLO Northeast chapter, she was mandated to work for a women's cause. With handloom being an integral part of the Assamese womens' lives and livelihoods, Jahnabi began training trafficked women in handloom. She went on to support rural women with better yarn and design inputs, which ensured a steady income flow for her rural weavers.

In 2011, Jahnabi set up a residential centre for her weavers as Lahé Looms, next to her Diphlu River Lodge In Kaziranga National Park, Assam (www.jtigroup.co.in). Lahé (which means Slow in Assamese) has focussed on reviving the traditional Assamese weaving techniques and motifs.

Lahé Looms seeks to promote Assam's unique weaving
vernacular, her four distinct silks and her range of natural
dyes. Over the years, Lahé Looms' has supported the work of artisans and weavers, beyond her own centre, with marketing support through her flagship store in Guwahati and outlet in the Brahmaputra Heritage Centre, Guwahati.


-Lahe Looms products are made from highest quality yarns

-Our Muga Silk yarns are sourced from yarn banks which produce the best silk yarn in the state

-Lahe Looms has been one of the foremost and pioneer in water hyacinth products

-We have a team of 12 highly trained weavers headed by a master weaver

-Stringent quality control in all aspects from yarn to product makes Lahe Looms amongst the most sought-after brand in North East and across the country

-We have a 95% customer retention record

-We have a production capacity of 100 silk sarees/300 stoles in a month

-Product customisation and design intervention as per client's requirement is our forte